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Collaboration Award Category - Natalie Jean and Trevor Sewell " Devenir Gris .” The third award that was handed out for the evening was for “ Best Musical Collaboration ,” which was won by me and Trevor Sewell , for our song “ Devenir Gris .” I was in shock when I won this award ; I truly was not expecting it . I met Trevor Sewell in 2014 at the Indie Music Channel Awards , where we were both nominated for awards . I did not win that night , but Trevor did . I am glad to have been nominated , because it allowed me to meet Trevor . We have been friends since then , and it is a friendship that I truly treasure . To have won an award with Trevor is an awesome feeling . Trevor ( Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Artist ) is an amazing Blues Artist and an amazing man .
Finally my time had arrived to perform . I sang my French song “ Mon Ange .” I sang with the house band that was phenomenal . A couple of weeks before my performance , I had to send the house band my music and sheet music . They didn ’ t have a piano player , so they charted it out so that the guitar player and drummer could play the song . This was the first time I sang the song with a guitar , and it was amazing . A few more awards were handed out , and one of them was for Bongo Boy Artist , Bruce Lev . It was for Rock Song of The Year . Bruce won for his song “ 20 th Century Man .” Bruce Lev is a great and talented artist . He was also nominated in the following categories . Rock / Classic Rock / Soft Rock Category-Artist / Group of the Year - Song of the Year- " 20th Century Man ,” Best Musical Collaboration Award Category - Bruce Lev and Armand Hutton " What You Do To Me ," Music Producer of The Year , and Rock Classic Artist of the year . He was also nominated for Rock / Classic Rock / Soft Rock Entertainer of The Year . Bruce win in the previous year for Rock Artist of The Year . I met Bruce at the 2014 Artist in Music Awards . He is a gifted musician and a fantastic friend . We are always at the same awards shows , supporting one another , whether we win or lose .
( Photo by : Bruce Lev Management – Bruce Lev with Andrew Chervak ( Easton , PA ) Andrew won MUSIC PRODUCER AWARD 2016 )

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