Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 4

Steel Notes Magazine Show Review SANDS EVENT CENTER September 20th Weird Al Yankovic Review By Travis Eisenhard, Photos by Dana Grubb There are many wonderful experiences in life, but two that most people have always enjoyed are music and comedy. There is one man who combines these two joys like no one else ever has. His name is Al Yankovic. If you don’t know him by name, you should certainly know at least one of his song parodies. When Yankovic brought his “Mandatory Fun Tour” through Bethlehem, PA, we at Steel Notes Magazine knew we had to be there to share the experience. Let’s get the entrance out of the way. I have seen many live musical performances with wonderful production, but I’ve never seen anything like Weird Al’s entrance. He opened his set with his parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” which Al calls “Tacky.” During this time, he essentially recreates his music video for the song. He appears on the screens on the stage singing while walking through corridors and parking lots in one smooth take. This is all taking place live on site at the Sands Event Center. He eventually made his way through the crowd and to the stage from there to finish the song. Overall, this in itself gets a ten-out-of-ten for style alone. A Weird Al show really knows how to make you forget everything around you. Much like the intro, many of the songs performed were like the music video created for the parody. During his performance of “Fat” which parodies Michael Jackson’s “Bad,” Al dawned the fat suit he wore for the music video and used similar choreography. The 4 Steel Notes Magazine October 2016