Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 31 Steel Notes Magazine Film Project Kay Parker’s Rebirth as Told by Cult Horror Icons By Jerry Saravia Craig Muckler and Jill Schoelen have joined forces to create a new, upcoming documentary called “A Taboo IdentityKay Parker Journey.” Do these names mean anything to you? They should, at least to the more adventurous horror film viewer whose horror palate ventures beyond popular entertainments like “The Exorcist” and Kay Parker, then and now “Scream.” 33 years ago, Craig Muckler wrote the story for the 1983 cult classic “Microwave Massacre” which is enjoying a renewed interest on BluRay and DVD thanks to Arrow Films. Jill Schoelen is a cult horror/slasher film star of films like “The Stepfather” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” the latter starring Robert Englund as the Phantom. Together, they may seem a more likely team for a new horror film than a straight- laced documentary but there are always stranger tides. “A Taboo Identity” is a documentary focusing on Kay Parker, a retired porn actress who appeared in more than 50 porn films. After moving away from the adult film world in 1986, Kay segued into becoming a spiritual mentor and metaphysical counselor and lecturer, eventually working with hundreds of individuals worldwide. Her process of healing focused upon deep meditation, revelation, dharma (service) and ministerial study. In her words, she sees herself now as an “idealistic peacemaker.” In 2001, she wrote her autobiography titled "Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch." Craig Muckler serves as co-producer and associate director with Jill Schoelen supplying the voice of narrator, in addition to being the major interviewer. A range of top adult film stars who’ve worked with Kay are interviewed including Seka, a porn actress known for the “Swedish Erotica” series. Also interviewed is theorist, sociologist philosopher and co-producer, author David W. Wahl who expounds on sexual theories. The film itself will focus on Kay Parker’s journey from top adult film star in the “Taboo” series to becoming the top metaphysical therapist. Steel Notes Magazine 31