Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 3

Steel Notes Magazine INSIDE October 2016 FEATURED STEEL NOTES MAGAZINE STAFF LISTING 4 Weird Al Yankovic Review 8 Interview With Isis Queen Of Barb Wire Dolls 16 Rob Zombie Review 18 The Hooters Levitt Pavillion Bethlehem 27 Interview with Liane Curtis 31 Kay Parker's Rebirth as told by Cult Horror Icons Jerry 33 36 44 52 55 56 59 60 64 68 Saravia Tiamarie Williams Halloween Photos By Brian Limage Halloween Photos Of The Band "Them" Nashville Report - Josie Music Awards Bongo Boy Grammys Awards Posters Vogue campaign Winter 2011-2012 Life Out Loud Review NIKKI Palomino Book Movie Music Reviews, Various Artists By Dana Saravia Brodian's Banter Save The Hippies Comic 76 The Whirling Worldz of Marlowe B West Presentz an 83 85 92 94 104 107 108 112 116 121 124 130 138 144 148 152 ADMINISTRATIVE Alexxis SteelePublisher/EditorIn-Chief Guido ColacciAssistant Editor Mick ReynoldsProofreader/Copy Editor Jeffrey HeldDesign/Layout/ Cover PHOTOGRAPHERS Sheri Bayne interview with Dietmar Schloten Bob Klein The Grouch International Corner Music Review Gary Preis Doro Pesch guitarist Luca Princiotta Brian Smith Do We Tell Ourselves the Whole Truth - Bastianelli Derek Mitch Beach Pictorial by Elodie Salert Travis Eisenhard Backroom Blues Brian Limage Halloween TV episode Bongo Boy TV Ron Shurey Dawn Belotti Bongo Boy TV Episode 1089 Dave Hummell Dawn Belotti Bongo Boy TV Episode 1090 Alan Ottenstein Dawn Belotti - Review for Bongo Boy TV EP1091 Larry Dell Journey To India, Chapter 3 Brian Matus Donna Nye Halloween Pictorial, Photos By John SuzaBill Des Jardins dail Marlowe B West Takez Manhattan Presentz an interview w The Black Cats NYC VIDEOGRAPHERS Kiss at Allentown Fairgrounds Allentown Fair 2016 By Alexxis Steele Lisa Koza Dead Daisies Allentown Fair September 1st 2016 Larry Dell Model Spotlight Rosalind Ferrara Photos By Brian Limage STAFF WRITERS Alexxis Steele Marlowe B. West Dana Saravia Jerry Saravia Guido Colacchi Victor Colicchio Mick Reynolds Sheri Bayne The Gypsy Poet Noah J Gambino Kelly Mitch Tony Angelo Mike Dorn Drama D Karma Moonbeam Bob Klein JennyCat Foxxy Roxxy Yvonne Sotomayor Stormy Boz Scott Saxon Johnny Gibbs Luca Cerardi Alessia Bastianelli Scott Aber Todd Sobczak Monique Grimme Nikki Palomino Stewart Brodian Matt Roman Daniel Diefenderfer Rex Maurice Oppenheimer JR Muffley Traci Dunton Shaw Jr Peterson Patrick Campbell The Grouch DC Ryder Steel Notes Magazine 3