Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 28

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 As with any actor/actress, there were some extraordinary roles Liane wanted that never came to pass. Mary Elizabeth Manstrantonio’s role of Carmen in “The Color of Money,” the 1986 sequel to “The Hustler,” starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman and directed by Martin Scorsese could’ve been played by Liane! Three call backs and a meeting Liane Curtis as April in Season One of “Sons of Anarchy” with Scorsese seemed to seal the deal, yet the final call back with Paul Newman present was a no-go. “I was a nervous wreck, looking for my heels!” said Liane. There is no doubt that a role of this magnitude in a high- profile project could’ve turned things around. Other roles Liane didn’t get were the 1985 film, “Sylvester”, where she would have played Melissa Gilbert’s role as Charlie opposite Michael Schoeffling (who of course appeared in “Sixteen Candles”) and Mariel Hemingway’s role opposite Peter O’Toole (“I was so in love with Lawrence of Arabia”) in “Creator,” another 1985 flick. Again, she doesn’t harbor much resentment, to which I added that she is part of “Sons of Anarchy” lore and, of course, the oft- talked about “Sixteen Candles.” And the 1989 cult black comedy “The Girlfriend From Hell?” “I enjoyed that shoot the most. A fun shoot that lasted 18 days and it came under budget a day early,” laughs Liane. Fun facts for the most ardent Liane Curtis fans: Liane appeared but did not make the final cut of the “Sesame Street” pilot at the tender age of 4. Commercials were offered yet Liane always looked at her mother [Paulette Rubinstein, former actress as well as screenwriter, song writer, jazz composer] when the cameras were rolling (Note: Liane’s father, Jack Curtis, was a voice actor on “Speed Racer” and director and producer of “The Flesh Eaters”). Liane’s first job in L.A. was appearLiane in Critters 2: The Main Course (1988) ing in an episode from Season 1 of “Married With Children,” titled “Married Without Children” (no scenes were shared with Katey Sagal). Prior to that show, Liane’s first role was in John Sayles’ 28 Steel Notes Magazine