Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 27 Interview with Liane Curtis: All About the Nonsense Steel Notes Magazine Film Review Interview with Liane Curtis By Jerry Saravia Every single time I watch John Hughes’s classic 1984 film, “Sixteen Candles,” I am drawn to Samantha’s brunette best friend, Randy. Call it curiosity or something deeper. Truthfully, being a mere 13 or 14-year-old teenager at the time of my first viewing, I definitely had a crush on Molly Ringwald’s Samantha. Still, Randy (as played by Liane Curtis) holds Promotional poster for 1989’s “The Girlfriend From Hell” a certain fascination for me. Maybe because she seemed tougher, honest, has a tough, leather-jacketed boyfriend (Jonathan Chapin) and holds her own against the Geek (Anthony Michael Hall). Of course, all sorts of characters hold their own against the Geek but Randy seemed like she might be Judd Nelson’s girlfriend from “The Breakfast Club” – she means business. You can almost imagine her showing up at CBGB’s whereas Molly might feel more comfortable at a Peter Frampton concert. And so it should be no surprise that Liane Curtis played April in a Season 1 episode of “Sons of Anarchy” and held her own with Katey Sagal. Her April character was to have a story arc that would have spread to Season 2. “My character of April was written out of Season 2,” exclaims Liane. “Brian van Holdt who played my ex-husband [Kyle Hobart] was offered a role in ‘Cougar Town’ [playing Bobby Cobb]. They scrapped the story. It happens in the business.” Don’t expect Liane Curtis to be too remorseful. It is the nature of the business and, in her words, it is all about nonsense. Talking to her is like talking to Randy in many ways yet Liane is far more self-confident and assured and deeply honest. She also loves birds – she has 5 indoor parakeets and 16 outdoor ones, 3 African grey parrots (one that you could clearly hear in the background), and 2 outdoor cockatiels. Who would’ve thought that some birds would take away attention from the big personality that is Liane. Steel Notes Magazine 27