Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 21 Steel Notes Magazine When Eric Bazilian, Fran Smith Jr., Rob Hyman, Dave Uosikkinen, John Lilley, and Tommy Williams hit the stage it was evident that they truly love and enjoy what they do. This is not your average band, they give more than their all, and with a visual experience as well, even playing around with each other onstage. This is a real brotherhood of men that has stood the test of time. Their perfect blend of Ska, Reggae, and Rock and choice of instrumentation offers a great sound of music like no other. The band opened up with their song “Alive”, which is from their latest studio album- “Time Stand Still”, and it was evident that for at least that evening we were brought back in time to the 80’s, as if we were seeing The Hooters for the first time. Following Alive was “Hanging On A Heartbeat”, and big hit- “Day By Day”, of which cover bands, such as mine in the 80’s performed. Roby Hyman said- “Let Me Hear it!”, urging the crowd to sing along with the chorus. Next was one of my favorite Hooters songs- “All You Zombies”, which the band set the mood for with fog encompassing the stage. During the course of the night the band covered a few songs by other artists, such as The Beatle’s Lucy In The Sky, and a great homage to the great Don Henley, with their rendition of “Boys Of Summer”. Other favorites, such as “Where Do The Children Go”, and “As We Danced” ( Which the band certainly did do during the course of the night!) brought back many great memories of the past to be treasured. At the end of their show they could not leave without performing the song that Rob wrote with Cyndi Lauper- The hit “Time After Time, and Eric’s great song he wrote for Joan Osborne- “One Of Us”. The Hooters with the talented writings of Eric Bazilian & Rob Hyman, at the helm made Time Stand Still, for themselves and for the rest of us! The Hooters will be performing a Grand Finale show for their Hometown Fans at The Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa on November 4th & 5th. Steel Notes Magazine 21