Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 19 Steel Notes Magazine On September 4, 2014, by chance I was seated next to Hooter’s guitarist/vocalist Eric Bazilian at a Toto concert, where we were both guests of Steve Lukather, who I had interviewed before the show. I periodically kept in contact with Eric about upcoming Hooter’s shows and doing an interview. It was posted online that The Hooters were coming to play again in the Lehigh Valley at The Levitt Pavillion in Bethlehem, PA. I was able to secure a time with Eric, while he was still in Germany, that he would be able to do an interview with me a month prior to their Bethl ehem show. Finally the time came for The Hooters triumphant return to the valley! The weather was perfect for their outdoor show where over 1500 fans eagerly awaited to hear their favorite songs, spanning time since the inception of the band in 1980. This was the last night of their long tour. The Lehigh Valley has always had a strong tie to 80’s music, and The Hooters were definitely a great part of that special time in history. Steel Notes Magazine 19