Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 135

Steel Notes Magazine I really love any time and space in the recording studio ... Can you tell us how it is you go about your recording ... where you record ... and your favorite parts of the process ??? BC: We agree that anytime spent in the studio is great, whether we are recording or rehearsing. We are extremely fortunate that we have Black Cat Studio and an arsenal of vintage and modern guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, you name it, at our disposal. Couple that with a great engineer, Alan Rand, and the process is precise and easy. MBW: As everyone might know ... by now ... I have a major crush on Manhattan ... and I love to give my readers every insight I can dig up from the people who make living in NYC so fun and exciting ... so I ask you all to describe a perfect day and night in Manhattan ??? Don: A perfect day and night in Manhattan is preparing for a gig ... The right clothes, the right shoes, the right amount of hair spray, the right guitar, the right set list.... A great set at our favorite club in front of our favorite friends and bands ... And then a late night snack at Veselka again with our friends of the Rock n Roll New York night! Andrew: I am sure inquiring minds want to know what I feel a perfect day in NYC is… so I will tell you! I like to be out and about early to get an espresso or two, a quick bite and chew the fat with a few locals. Then head up to one of my favorite restaurants, stopping and speaking with my friends along the way. After a fantastic lunch and some wine I go to the Met and go back in time for a few hours. Then I walk to one of my favorite watering holes and spend time with my pals. I end the night at a friends restaurant and have some more wine capped off with an espresso and desert. MBW: How about shopping and where you love to go out to eat and dine and dance etc. ??? Don: I shop in a mix of vintage stores around the East Village, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side and mix it in with my past finds at Trash and Vaudeville, Love Saves the Day or Reminiscence ... As for eating, I love New York because wherever you are standing you are in front of some new place to sample!!!... Steel Notes Magazine 135