Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 134

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 The physical CD will be available at our shows and our website plus we will be releasing them separately as singles on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, and most popular digital music platforms. We are very excited!!! MBW: So you have a website ... How about sharing it with the whirled ?? BC: Thank you for the shameless plug!!! MBW: Is there anything else as far as contact info you'd like to add ??? BC: Our e-mail address is We can be also found at SoundCloud, Bandsintown, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, ReverbNation, YouTube, Tumbler, & Pintrest, all links are on our website. MBW: Being one of the hottest bands in New York City how would you describe it??? Andrew: You’re too kind Marlowe, there are a ton of great bands and talented musicians playing in NYC so that means a lot. We just play what comes natural to us and it seems to work. Don: the Black Cats NYC offers a modern spin on the Rock and Roll that we all fell in love with in a new package that is a raw, raunchy and very fun... and you can dance to it! MBW: Do you have any fun stories to tell us about doing your shows ??? ... any memorable moments ... favorite venues etc. ??? BC: February 14, 2015 we played a Valentine’s Show at the Delancey. It was the first time either of us had met or played with “the Living Legend” Alan Merrill. That was a huge moment for us! We have played with a lot of great bands, important bands, in our past but Alan is the real deal and we are happy to say a great pal! As for venues they are all great! MBW: 134 Steel Notes Magazine