Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 131

Steel Notes Magazine Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages ... My name is Marlowe B West and I am your Ring Leader ... The Season of the Witch is upon us and I, personally, am mighty glad ... My B*day is October 24th ... Mom and Dad got married on Halloween ... So that entire week has come to be known as Marloween and is righteously celebrated here within and without the inner circles. My band Marlowe B West Takez Manhattan & The Brooklyn Hornz have a monstrous Marloween show lined up for Friday, October 28th 7pm at Sidewalk NYC located @ 94 Ave. A & 6th ... Sidewalk NYC is now trending as the predominant Rock and Roll Palace on the Lower East Side ... Their restaurant caters to a verry colourful poetry, artsy and musical crowd ... featuring a menu so diverse it's difficult to chose and I got to add that Alie, the bartender, is a real sweetheart too. With Halloween in the air ... filled with rock and roll witches ... you will also find bitches extraordinaire on the sidewalk ... and if you dare to cross the street before a black cat crosses your path ... you just might be surprised to find you just got lucky ... because the Black Cats are an exciting band who have been rocking the hell outta all the local venues ... Now that the cat is outta the bag, let me introduce you to Don & Andrew of the Black Cats NYC. MBW: Let us begin the beguine by meeting the players ... Who are the members of the Black Cats ??? BC: Hello Marlowe thanks for having us, the Black Cats NYC are Don “BlackCat” Sztabnik, Lead Guitar; Andrew Giordano, Lead Vocals/ Bass; and Jason Reddish, Drums/ Backing Vocals. We have the lovely and talented PussyCats, Deanna Lair & Julie M. Smith, on Backing Vocals; Gass Wild Tambourine/ Backing Vocals; & Seaton “Raven” Hancock on Saxophone. MBW: Who would like to tell us how the magic got started ??? Andrew: Don and I played in Dragons together in the 90’s, we had instant chemistry and started writing from the very beginning. When we decided to get the band up and running again we wanted to start with a clean slate. We had absolutely no idea what would happen, we weren't even sure if there were places to play. MBW: How long have you been together??? BC: We have been playing as the Black Cats NYC since late ‘14 but go way back to the early 90’s. Steel Notes Magazine 131