Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 13

Steel Notes Magazine Q: Can you give us an idea of your songwriting process? Do you each come in with fully formed songs, is it a collaborative effort, or some of each? Isis: When the band first formed back in Crete, Pyn Doll and I were living at ‘The Ikarus Artist Commune’ (a collective of artists living in an ancient village in the mountains). It was my first time joining a band and I didn’t know how to sing or anything. Pyn wrote all the songs and I concentrated on projecting them. Fast forward to today—Pyn is still the main songwriter and I also collaborate a lot with lyrics and arrangement. We are an excellent team! Q: Do you find any particular experiences or emotions to be more inspirational to writing music than others? Isis: All experiences and emotions are worth writing about, but it’s the way you portray them that makes them unique. Q: Your lyrics are very well written with some strong imagery and elements. Are there any authors or painters you’ve been influenced by? And do any or all of you also create in other artistic mediums? Isis: Coming from an artist collective like ‘The Ikarus Artist Commune’, we are influenced subconsciously by the art that is created. The images and sounds are soaked up and then you express them in your own twisted, fucked up way. It is all relevant and art is not measured by the paints you use or the notes you play. It is measured by the person witnessing it that gives it meaning. Q: Lemmy has been, and will always be, one of my heroes, both in music and in life. Can you tell me a little about being signed to Motorhead records? And are there any memories of Lemmy you’d like to share? most buckled out from the confidence he radiated. He was a true man. And a visionary. He saw the potential in our live show and wanted us to be the first new band released on Motorhead Music, the label he created to not only put out his own music, but to build a legacy with the new breed of rock n roll. Q: Though the band has recorded EPs and LPs, this is your first LP for Motorhead records. How long did it take you to record it? And was the process easier this time around? Isis: It’s our second full length album and the process was pretty simple to record. How the songs took form from the relentless touring we did being a DIY band and then working with Jay Baumgardner is a whole story that is too long to write in an interview. But I would say that making an album correctly with passion and a respect to the ultimate goal involves a lot of hard decision making and a few grey hairs. The songs themselves come from the ether and pretty much write themselves, but the process in harnessing that energy on record is a serious process. Q: If you could share the stage with any 5 artists past or present, who would they be? Isis: Edie Sedgwick for the visuals, Bjork for the voice, John Lennon for the song writing, Darby Crash for the chaos and Wendy O. Williams for the entertainment. Q: If your music had the power to do or change one thing in the world, what would you want it to be? Isis: Inspire. Q: What’s next for the Barb Wire Dolls? Any touring plans in the immediate future or live gigs coming up? Isis: We are off on a European tour for all of October playing 15 countries and then continuing with more touring that will be announced soon on our social media. Stay tuned! Isis: First time meeting Lemmy, he grabbed my waist with such force to hug me that my knees al- Steel Notes Magazine 13