Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 12

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 truths and subject matter show your passion for the punk scenes of the 70’s as well as Seattle in the 90’s. Are there any other music scenes or movements you draw influence or inspiration from? Isis: Hard rock of the early 70’s was a good time for rock n roll. We surf and skate so our soundtrack is influenced by hard hitting, fast vibes. Q: Have you found it difficult to be taken as seriously as the guys in the music world? Have you found it easier or has the attitude toward you both changed with each album you release and each year the band has been out there kicking major ass? Photo Credit: Enzo Mazzeo Isis: If I don’t take myself seriously, then who will? No one has ever made me feel uncomfortable for having a uterus. If anything, they are usually blown away by the sheer power of the band and don’t care if we are boys, girls or anything in between. Official video for “Heart Attack”, the 4th track off “Desperate” 12 Steel Notes Magazine