Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 118

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 From Berlin, Germany 7fields with “Good to See You” Video director I-am- Johannes uses creative cinematography and camera angles to create a piece of art that suits the song. Vocally slightly similar to Mark Knopler but still on the unique side. Video Music Director: I-AmJohannes From New York City comes Milo Z with “Do Ya Thang” Milo Z has a great sense of humor with a bit of raunchy thrown in. Showing the raw, seedier side of New York which is how many of us spent our youth; as opposed to the pristine skyscrapers that dominate television. His music is a bit hip hop with a touch of jazz thrown in which is apparent during the live sequence. It is obvious that Milo Z is referring to bi-sexuality or threesomes but his attitude that people need to do their thing is very New York. Video Music Director: Peyton Berkley/Hapax TV 118 Steel Notes Magazine