Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 111 Steel Notes Magazine Teen vocalist Kyla Imani is a breath of fresh air among an assortment young singers projecting negative imagery. Her smile is infectious and her vocals sweet. It has been many years since I have heard a teen look forward to sleepovers and listening to records. This young lady is a positive role model and hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from her. Music Video Director: Damon Jamal Website: https// Sponsors: All artists presented and sponsors spots for Nominated Artists for The Josie Music Awards, Mia Moravis for Out Of The Garage Volume Series, Doug Byrkit for Oddslane new album “Last Night On Cherokee’ and Gnarly Wave Volume One By Various Artists. The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show is produced by Grammy members Gar Francis and Monique Grimme and is fully funded by sponsorships from all the indie musicians and their affiliations in each episode and Bongo Boy Records. Bongo Boy TV produces and distributes the Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show, which puts the spotlight on independent artists and their music videos worldwide. All TV episodes are available on their online channel: Bongo Boy TV is Real Television on 54 channels across the USA offered in 2 regions – New York City and National. Bongo Boy TV is also available via GO INDIE TV RokuChannel, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV via GO INDIE TV. Also you can watch the series on DISH ON DEMAND made possible by ROCKSTAR Multi Vitamins and Galaxy Television Network. For a complete broadcast schedule, please visit Email: Steel Notes Magazine 111