Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 11 Steel Notes Magazine Q: There’s such a vibrant, raw 90s sound to your songs, lyrically and musically. I hear definite echoes of Kurt Cobain in both your words and music and I know the band has cited Nirvana as an influence before. Would you say that the 90s grunge and riot grrrl acts are among your biggest influences? Isis: I wouldn’t say so much 90’s grunge but Nirvana, yes. Nirvana had punk attitude. Everything about them was punk rock. They were much different than the rest of the 90’s grunge bands. The riot grrrl scene is very influential. The The legendary Lemmy Kilmister, Isis Queen and Pyn Doll whole scene back in the 90’s started through a DIY mentality that became so strong that it influenced a whole movement. If it weren’t for the riot grrrl scene, Nirvana probably would have had a completely different sound. It’s the raw, emotional, simple aggression in Nirvana that is so attractive to us as a band. I don’t think we try to write songs that have a 90’s sound, but I think we have the same influences that the riot grrrl scene and Nirvana were into. Q: There’s such a real, raw punk rock spirit to Barb Wire Dolls and your dedication to furthering the punk rock scene of today is evident. Your superb tribute to Darby Crash as well as your gritty sound and willingness to discuss harder Barb Wire Dolls performing “Darby Crash” at Wacken Open Air 2016 Steel Notes Magazine 11