Steel Notes Magazine October "Halloween" Issue 2016 - Page 10

Steel Notes Magazine October 2016 Q: How long have each of you known you’ve wanted to be musicians? Isis: I think everyone in this band has been saved by the blessings of rock & roll. I know that if I wasn’t in this band, I’d either be in jail or in a psychiatric ward. Q: It’s awesome that the band is originally from Greece!! Could you fill in our readers on the current rock & roll scene there? How does it differ from the U.S. and the European continent? Do you feel it gives the Dolls an additional edge? Isis: Great things come from desperation. That’s why “Desperate” was the perfect title for our new album. The scene in Greece brought us desperation. When we started the band there was no place to play on the island of Crete, especially being a loud and distorted rock band. So we had to take the 9 hour boat ride to Athens to play shows, but even then no one would book us because we were from Crete and couldn’t guarantee these clubs that we would bring a crowd. We ended up taking over a rock bar on Sundays and putting on all ages free shows in order to start a scene and gather our own fans. The success Photo Credit: Hannah Verbeuren Pho of that echoed out tography and our demo got picked up by the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer who started playing our tunes on the biggest rock radio station in the world: KROQ. We were invited to go play Los Angeles where we became the first rock/punk band from Greece to play the U.S., which inevitably opened up the doors for other Greek bands to make their debut in the U.S. and start touring. Official video for “Drown”, the lead off track from “Desperate” 10 Steel Notes Magazine