Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 92

Steel Notes Magazine Next up is a short film called the Vicious Minds Project by Swiss film maker Michael Resin. If you dig horror films then you will enjoy this. It is a very creepy and disturbing piece of work. I found myself actually getting caught up in the plot. Well done Michael! Your movie is scary! Website: Film Director: Michael Resin Next up is Philadelphia’s Frankie Storm with Shooter: I dig this song! This chick has a ton of attitude. Musically, the song is really cool. This is a kind of a funky rap tune. The video makes the song through. In the video we follow a merciless woman as she takes down one bad guy after another. Honestly, the video makes me want to see her show! Web Site: Music Video Director: Shannon Muir 92 Steel Notes Magazine November 2016