Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 9

Steel Notes Magazine Needless to say he put on a great entertaining show and tried to make it a fun experience for everyone, even getting the fans to sing Happy Birthday to him, which they gladly obliged! Rick Springfield delighted his fans two years in a row, so hopefully he decides to make The Sands Event Center the destination to celebrate his birthday every year! RICK SPR T ETLIS ELD S INGFI ty Up or You (Sam r a P s ing F ht Thi 1. Lig one Everyth D 2. I’ve ar) ag my H xcited tE 3. I ge y Birthday p 4. Hap n art 5. Dow r Of The He ai y) 6. Aff ( Katy Perr r t) 7. Roa ut r Swif o l o e y p a i (T 8. W It Off Strangers e k a h o 9. S Talk T t ’ n o ch 10. D an Tou dy m u tina H 11. omebo ’s Girl/Kris S e v o essie 12. L ORE J C N E 13. Steel Notes Magazine 9