Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 83 Steel Notes Magazine Conceptz adds their final number “Keep It Movin” featuring Hip Hop genius, Prometheus. Conceptz is constantly churning out new music for fans and it is apparent that they have no intent on stopping. Bongo Boy Records Is Now Offering STAR Distribution Program in Asia. Now we offer more online music retailers sites for our entire catalog in Asia. The Star Distribution Program is in effect as of 11.5.16 for your music already distributed through Bongo Boy Records Asia and all new releases. MUSIC Shanghai/Beijing/Taipei/Hong Kong. Star Distribution is the first Chinese platform as a member of Merlin, the biggest rights agency of the world and Bongo Boy Records is super excited about this. Star Distribution is also the biggest music management and distribution platform in Asia, covering 95% of worldwide music market, more than 5,000 labels and 80,000 artists. Bongo Boy Records with Star Distribution is your best choice for your music. Volume X Release 11.22.16 with Worldwide distribution and Promotions. Open Submission for Volume XI Steel Notes Magazine 83