Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 68

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 Luca Cerardi - Italy October 18th, 2016 International – Italy This month I wanted to take a break from music and move to something different. I had the pleasure to talk with Anna Dalla Bona, of Indivision Film Production and talking about a webseries tv made in Italy. We are common to watch everything that come from few countries but the passion to make things is everywhere and this time I wanted to let you discover “Onyros”. I had it seen personally at its preview so maye would be a great surprise and interesting to check this out and maybe taking a look of what can be soon a great new web tv series The idea was to produce something new and different from what had been done before. At first we decided to create a short film called “Dream a little dream of me” and make it available online. After that, in 2014, we thought of making another short film, for Halloween. Then we got to a point where we really wanted to do something bigger, but we could not produce a movie or anything like that. We realized, however, we could use the internet to distribute some of our work, and that’s when we started planning on launching a web series. It really became a huge motivational challenge for me and the whole Indivision team. What is Onyros? Onyros is a web series made by an association of young guys called Indivision, settled in the north east of Italy, in the Veneto region. Onyros includes 13 episodes, 3 of which have already been finished and account for a total of 45 minutes. Why a web series and not a simple video/usual clips? 68 Steel Notes Magazine When you were planning this project, did you think about all the challenges you were all about to face? Did you come up with a specific audience target that you wanted to reach? This truly must have been a challenge, working in a