Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 57

Steel Notes Magazine fun with this video. Web site: Music Video Director: Sarantos Chicago native, Sarantos uses his bazaar sense of humor in his “Halloween Song” video. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I found this video hysterical. The video is a goofy spoof on Halloween folklore and associations. With a Michael Jackson zombie character in Michael’s “Thriller” get up and parodies on the Bloody Mary legend , you cannot help but have Los Angeles native, Characula is a sexy Elvira character in her “Mummy Dance” video. With less than serious Egyptian symbolism and Siouxsie and The Banshees vocals, Characula does a good job in this spooky video. Let us not forget the tarantula guest star just for those with a bit of arachnophobia. Web Site: Music Video Director: Martin Julian, CSC Swiss native, Michael Resin is back in the Bongo Boy set list; this time with a short film/music video. Jumping on the zombie apocalypse bandwagon; Resin’s main character is duped by zombies and turned into one. Of course, this would not be a Michael Resin video without a few crooning zombies. The short film has good cinematography and is engaging for the Halloween aficionados. Web Site: Film Director: Michael Resin Steel Notes Magazine 57