Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 55

Steel Notes Magazine cery than previously, therefore, I had a more of an inkling of their essence and my interest was aroused. The band opened with original song “What Makes Them Want To Wait.” Already the evening was off to a good star. The audience perked up and moved closer to the stage. This is always a good sign, at a live performance, as it establishes a connection between musicians and the congregation. The Dives’ high energy never subsided as they launched into what is to be their first single “Take It All.” With its upbeat catchy chorus, strong guitar sound, smooth bass line and a hearty beat this song was definitely a proper choice. Guitarist, Mark Lefton commanded the vocals on Beatles classic “Don’t Let Me Down” and David Bowie’s “Heroes.” It is said to choose your songs wisely especially when taking on a larger than life artist. The band succeeded with this mission. The rest of the evening continued with a myriad of pleasing originals that showcased the musicianship of each individual as well as how tight they function as a unit. It was obvious that the crowd’s favorite was “Man, Oh Mandy” a catchy, upbeat number that is a promising anthem for these gentleman. I would absolutely attend the group’s future shows. They are appreciative, hard working young men who are paying their dues and gaining momentum. Evan Stanley is his own entity and is on his way to making a name for himself as a guitarist and vocalist. It is always refreshing discovering new artists in a sea of music saturation. The Dives members have a long career ahead of them and I am sure we will be hearing much more from this band. Steel Notes Magazine 55