Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 52

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 JRH: How do you feel about the internet in the music business? DLP: I feel that the internet is a great way to hear the kind of music that you like. You can hear So many diverse talented artists in any given genre. Although it is a shame that it's hard to make money via streaming and internet. But it is a great way to develop a fan base and you can reach markets that you would not be able to ', if the internet didn’t not exist JRH: Your music gets people dancing, does that inspire you? DLP: My music inspires people to dance. Yes that inspires me because I love to dance hahaha. Having people dance is an awesome feeling because I know that they are having a great time which inspires me to create more music! JRH: In your songs, when you work with a rapper, how does that fit into the process? DLP: I have worked with one rapper in my song. I wrote Sexy. I had been looking for a rapper I was at a Latin dance social and I started to talk to the dj. He called his guy, Demolyrics’s, he was so cool. Immediately I told him that I needed a rapper for my song. He was on board and we became friends. We recorded his vocals in my apt with my producer, Joe Hurt. Demolyrics was such a pro. He immediately busted out with the rap. JRH: As you know Steel Notes Magazine is an International magazine with contributors and readers from all around the world from France to 52 Steel Notes Magazine