Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 50

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 JRH: Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? DLP: I admire Chaka Kahn. Her vocals are amazing, she has a great, strong range, Tina Turner, she also has a strong voice. She is also a strong woman that overcame personal hardships in her life. And is still going strong. Selena Quintanilla Selena captured the hearts of so many people Hispanic people and became a crossover artist. She had a unique beautiful voice and a beautiful spirit. Amy Winehouse; she was who she was, talented singer and songwriter. JRH: Which famous musicians have you learned from? DLP: I learned from Stevie Nicks the ability to be extraordinaire at writing lyrics. And appreciated her unique voice as well as Prince and Krewella, JRH: You've worked with musicians from the industry, what are some of your favorite sessions? DLP: The majority of sessions are with producers because it's based on the style of genre of my music. One of my fav sessions was while I was working with Party Till We Drop. Because of its high energy. When we were mastering it at Pressurepoint studios, it was insane listening to the song with my vocals blasting through the speakers. Another fav session was When I was recording the vocals for Party Till We Drop Remix with DJ Vegas, he told me to just feel the song. They had created the instrumental. So in one take, I sang the vocals for Party Till We Drop Remix. I totally just felt the vibe and went with it. I was like "this is freaking cool". When we mastered we kept the vocals as was and didn't change a thing I probably could say something cool about each session on all of the songs that I wrote though. (lol) It's just so epic creating a track. JRH: Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones? DLP: I was influenced by old music by a Chilean vocalist. Her songs were very romantic. Also The Jackson 5, Prince, and Various Salsa Bands. JRH: Do you get nervous before a performance? DLP: Do I get nervous before a performance? Ha, I was told it is good 50 Steel Notes Magazine