Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 49

Steel Notes Magazine Artist Interview Interview By Jeffrey Held of Save the Hippies It was a wonderful Chicago fall evening, I got a chance to spend the evening with Chicago’s Delilah, Latin Princess. We watched her videos had some conversation and here’s the interview. JRH: When and why did you start your musical career? DLP: When I was little, I instantly loved to sing. from probably the time that I could talk lol. I sang in school choirs, church choirs. It always gave me the feeling of happiness. I had always sang, but my musical career really started when I wrote my first song, Feels So Good, and I continued Because of my Deep passion for music I felt that my voice needed to be heard JRH: Is your family musical? DLP: I was born in to a musical background because of of my father being a singer, and guitarist. He passed away at 32 years of age. After his passing I had additional influences from my step father, because of his Latin music background. JRH: I understand your family is from Peru and Miami, how did Chicago end up as the place to launch your musical career? DLP: My mother was a Peruvian Immigrant who lived in Miami. My father was in the Air force and stationed in Miami. That's how they met and I was born in Miami. We moved to Illinois. After my father passed away, a few years later my mother married my step-father. He was a Puerto Rican man that was family oriented. On Sundays, we would go to his mother’s home and eat the most delicious Puerto Rican food. She lived in Chicago. I grew a love for Chicago and when I was 16 would drive almost every weekend to go to different salsa clubs. I knew I wanted to live there. It's was in Chicago that I developed my idea that I wanted to give out my own interpretation of my style of music because of Chicago being diversified with music Steel Notes Magazine 49