Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 47

Steel Notes Magazine only for his sake, but for his family and fans. Burnley and the rest of the Benjamin crew were able to create their new album “Dark Before Dawn,” which has sold well over 140,000 copies according to Rolling Stone. Lyrics were pieced over time, in a Rolling Stone interview Burnley explains that even when he was in the process of a spinal tap he was still coming up with lyrics and marking them down on his iPhone. Breaking Benjamin may not have taken a journey through the science world like Starset, but they changed the mood into a single person’s journey, Benjamin Burnley’s. His expressions and deep meanings are his only way to share with us what he’s going through. Even during his Rolling Stone interview he admits, “For years I lay in bed suffering between doctor's visits. I'd rather suffer doing something I love and that makes people happy. I can actually see the joy in people's eyes. That was the motivation to come back full-force. I won't cancel a show now no matter what. When you go on hiatus, your whole world gets taken away from you, and I'll never let that happen again. Simply put, life is for living, not for waiting around for doctors.” The Sands Event Center was filled with knowledge, passion, and many powerful expressions. To think there are so many days we take for granted, days where we don’t even enjoy the present but then worry about the future. We need to learn from Benjamin Burnley to live in the moment, and learn from Starset that there will always be new things to learn everyday but share our knowledge with one another. Let us not be full of greed like some scientists or doctors. “Simply put, life is for living.” – Benjamin Burnley. Steel Notes Magazine 47 ((0