Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 46

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 Event Review Sands Event Center Sands Casino Enters a New Dimension By Foxxy Roxxy, Photos by Sheri Bayne The night of August 4, 2016 the Sands Event Center became an alternate universe. Surroundings became particles of outer space. Our performers, our guides, were in space suits. The narrator of our journey, a simple man dressed as a “nerd” with his glasses and bowtie. Dustin Bates, the narrator describes in songs that there are discoveries being made every day that the people of this world should know about. Instead of us knowing about these findings for free, for just extra knowledge, this information has to go through a series of steps just so one can make money. Dustin Bates, founder and lead singer of Starset, has set out on a mission to inform the audience of the Starset Society in which the band is based on. “We are a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to the publicizing of scientific discoveries that have been silenced or otherwise stolen by rogue agents. We do not support the release of technologies owned or developed by the government for the protection of its citizens. Rather, we toil day and night to make shed light on that scientific knowledge which is being hidden from an unassuming public for undeserved private financial exploitation. We subscribe to no political affiliations, only the self evident rights of man, paramount of which is his right to the general knowledge of his existence and place in the universe.” – The Starset Society’s Mission Their first album Transmissions is available online and in stores now. According to All Music, “The album is centered around a supposed transmission of human origin that was broadcast from the constellation Ophiuchus, which foretells the future and demise of mankind.” On this same night, after Starset, came a local Pennsylvania band that hasn’t performed in awhile. They’re back and stronger than ever thanks to founder Benjamin Burnley. Even through his illness he stays optimistic, not 46 Steel Notes Magazine