Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 44

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 night and you are a hell of a lot of fun!! MANY thanks to Andy Richter for returning as Conan’s cohost in 2009 and bringing back your quick wit and intelligent banter. You’ve always been one of comedy’s criminally underrecognized talents, but you make me laugh and add something special wherever you appear. And I’m thrilled I can see you nightly again on “Conan”. And finally, of course, thank you to Conan O’Brien himself. I owe you for not only the gift of your comedic talents much needed laugher and escape over the years, but for your continued presence as a person. You’ve led by example on how to accept challenges, large or small, and to keep smiling, keep rolling with the punches. You’ve also been an example of loyalty, hard work, dedication as well as grace and class in the face of heartbreak and of seemingly impossible odds, you’ve persevered with your wit, heart and humour intact. I’ve learned a lot from you and I know I’m a better and more resilient person because of your comedy and your spirit as a fellow human being. I wish I could do more to repay that favour, but for now I’ll simply once again say thank you. I’d like to close this with a quote f