Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 43 Steel Notes Magazine (Apollo Theater marquee, photo by Jerry Saravia) In wrapping up this article, I’d like to thank the other audience members who attended and participated in the Wednesday 2nd November 2016 “Conan” taping at the Apollo—it was a joy to be part of such a great crowd and if each of you there had even ½ as much fun as I did, then I know you had a blast you will talk about the rest of your life!! I’d also like to thank everyone—and I do mean *everyone* from the line coordinators to the merch folks and the ticket table folks—that I had the pleasure to meet with Team Coco’s staff. To a one, they were not only professional and efficient, but above all, some of the friendliest and most kind people I’ve had the pleasure to encounter in a very long time. Props to each one of you, as well as the wonderful, courteous and helpful staff of the Apollo Theater—all of you helped give Wednesday’s show a very welcoming vibe that my husband and I genuinely appreciated. A huge thank you to Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band for playing such a smoking hot set that night and for making each “Conan” show special. You are truly the best band ever in late Steel Notes Magazine 43