Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 41 Steel Notes Magazine I’ll leave it to each of you reading to see for yourselves how great the rest of the show was, how very interesting and funny actor Ryan Reynolds is as a guest and how smart, hysterical and original comedian Rory Scovel is. The episode is well-worth seeing in its entirety, solidly funny from beginning to end. I was happy to be a part of such a genuinely enthusiastic crowd who thoroughly enjoyed this fun and fantastic live experience. It was a like a live concert fused with a comedy show and I very heavily encourage anyone to see “Conan” taped live if you get the chance. I’ve been to a lot of live events over the years, but nothing quite like this and it’s something I hope to experience again sooner rather than later.;eyJ0eXBlIjoidGFnIiwiaWQiOjl9 (Link to website and the complete “Conan” episode which originally aired November 2, 2016) As the show was winding down and the BCB played during the final sponsor break as we waited for Conan to do the outro and his closing “Good night, everybody”, I reached down and picked up the sign I made and brought with us from Baltimore. It featured Jub Jub, the character Conan created and named as a Simpsons writer, wearing a Conan wig along with the words “Jub Jub is a Fleshtones fan and can’t wait to see them on Conan with Andy and the BCB”. It was one of those slow motion moments for me when Conan not only spotted the sign, but read it and actually laughed. I couldn’t believe it!! That I actually made one of my comedy heroes laugh… It was deeply meaningful for me in so many ways that I’m still at a loss for words. But it’s a moment that I’m truly grateful I had. When the taped part of the show ended, Conan sang the closing theme song. Even as a huge long time “Conan” fan who is aware he does that, it’s not something that makes it to the televised part of the show. (Well, it did once when they had some extra time to fill because a guest cancelled at the last minute. But that was one time a few years back and I’m sure it’s something only his most loyal of fans might even remember.) He walked down off the stage and into the crowd to finish the song just a little behind where I stood. When he finished, the girl behind me got a hug. So as he started to pass me, I asked for one too. He held me really tight and I could only manage to say a very emotional and deeply heartfelt “Thank you”. He said to me “No, thank YOU” and kissed me on the cheek before giving the crowd another “Thank you and good night” and heading backstage. I honestly cannot put into words how very profound and meaningful that moment was for me. It is definitely a moment I will treasure and continue to carry in my heart forever. I simply cannot say enough wonderful and true compliments about Conan, not only as an allaround comedy talent and TV host, but also as a class act and absolutely lovely person. He is a true superstar in every sense of the word and I’m very proud to continue to be a loyal and always enthusiastic fan. Steel Notes Magazine 41