Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 38

Steel Notes Magazine (Photos of the exterior fence artwork and interior flowers and chairs of the Nelson Mandela Community Garden in Harlem, taken by Jerry Saravia) One of the signs explained that everyone was welcomed to come in, sit and enjoy the garden, so Jerry and I did. It was an oasis of nature and peaceful calm surrounded by beautiful wildflowers in the middle of the busy city. As we were sitting on the bench enjoying a good conversation, we noticed a couple of workers who were tidying up the back corner. When a few more workers joined them a little while later, then a few more appeared at the entrance fence, Jerry noticed that a couple had camera equipment. It was then I saw that a few of them had on Team Coco gear and we figured they must have been prepping for a location shoot. We hightailed it out as fast as possible so we weren’t in the way or delaying them any longer. (Behind the scenes with Conan and actor Ryan Reynolds as they film a skit titled “The Notebook Part Two” in the Nelson Mandela Community Garden in Harlem, originally aired November 2nd 2016 on “Conan”, shared and available via the official Team Coco YouTube channel—please head over and subscribe!!) 38 Steel Notes Magazine November 2016