Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 35 Steel Notes Magazine for a bite to eat and some coffee at a Starbucks near the Apollo. While enjoying our breakfast, we saw Scott Healy, keyboardist for the Basic Cable Band and Mike Merritt, who not only plays bass for the BCB but also happens to star in one of my favourite long-running “Conan” skits. I took a minute to tell each of them how very much I appreciated their talent and hard work as musicians in the most impressive and fantastic band ever in late night and, in Mike’s case, how very impressed I was for being able to keep a straight face during the skits. It was a real pleasure for me to speak with such kind people who are also true talents and have the opportunity to thank them in person—it was a part of what made my day as special as it was. (Mike Merritt’s Inner Thoughts skit, Starbuck’s Race Together Edition, originally aired March 25 2016 on “Conan” on TBS. Clip shared and available via Team Coco’s official YouTube channel—head over and subscribe!!) After finishing our coffee, we went for a walk around Harlem. Not only is Harlem rich in history, it is vibrant and interesting with some really beautiful architecture and deep culture, arts and people. I would certainly encourage anyone to spend time there whenever the chance might come up. One treasure we found tucked away amidst the city was a beautiful community garden dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Some of the signs on the fence surrounding it have some unique and eye-catching artwork, including two quotes so perfect for the day that I was nearly moved to tears. Steel Notes Magazine 35