Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 - Page 28

Steel Notes Magazine November 2016 use of music in a given scene, the film’s budget not allowing for more than two X-Men characters and the way a camera moves during an establishing shot. This movie is the first truly Supreme Ironic Superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds is a WHAM-loving, former Special Forces operative and mercenary, the kind that goes after a scared-stiff pizza delivery guy for stalking a young girl. This former military man is Wade Wilson and he has a p []H܈[[H][Hٝ܈ݙKXYX[HH^[H^H]]HY[\H [ܙ[HX\[\[H[&\™ܚ\H8'[x'JK^H]HX]H^[]]X]Y\[\]XX\[Y^B[]]\X]Z[YZx&\8'[[\\ 'H] ^K\\KXH]X]B^[\]\H]Z[]\܈\]\[YH\HX[HYYH[YB\ݙ\H\Y[Y[]\[Z[[\[HۛH[وY\]B[[H \\ܜH[HY][و8'[[\'JKY[\HZ\\]^B[ܚ]] YH\[H\\܈HY\H]YH[HXܘ]ܞH\HH\ܝ\Y[\Y]\[HHH]\Y\[\H[\\]][YZ^ YܙZ[KY\H\Y\و^[ۜ]HX[YHZ[Y܈XY \Z[XY Z \XY ][X[H\\\ [XZHZ\ZHX]] \]H\ܞH][]ܚY[[HZXXHو\[Z[YYHو[HZ[Zx&\[\X NNLX8'\X['JH[B\]XZ[H[[\X[H[H\XHXXZ^[[H\H܈\Y\B^H^\[܋Y[\XY^[B˜Y[\XY^[KB