Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 99 Steel Notes Magazine ends with the bass stepping up to dominate the musical space. I am listening to a musical knife fight. Suddenly the vocals come in and like a mother used to fighting children she calms everyone down. This is perhaps the best song on the EP. Track 6 - Black Orpheus - For some reason this song has, to me, a Santana vibe. That is odd, because I do not hear a guitar. What I do hear is a funky rhythm laid down by the keyboards with support from the bass and the drums. How funky is it? I am having trouble following what they are doing. That is a two edged sword. On the one hand I am confronted by the fact that I am a rock and roll drummer. (That means I cannot count higher than 4.) On the other hand, once I have made peace with the fact that I cannot keep up with what they are doing, I can fully concentrate on just how good each of these guys is. This is a band of absolute monster players and I feel I have grown musically from simply listening to their work. So folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is that reviewing music I hear a lot of records. Very few of the records I hear make it to the collection I listen to for personal enjoyment. This EP has made it all the way to my phone. I liked this EP so much I want to be able to listen to it when I am waiting for the bus (yes I said bus, a driver’s license costs roughly $1000.00 USD and gasoline is $8.50 a gallon...) I enjoyed this record and I think you will enjoy it too. The Grouch | Sweden Album Sampler -> Steel Notes Magazine 99