Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 97

Steel Notes Magazine Suzanne Grzanna’s Award Winning Album DAYBREAK Is A Great Album! Hej America! I am back with another review for my friends at Bongo Boy records. This time around they asked me to give a listen to and share my thoughts about a Jazz EP, Daybreak by Suzanne Grzanna. Honestly, my first thought was “Oh no, I don’t want a headache!” You see folks, I freely admit that I am simply not smart enough for a lot of Jazz. While the Hipsters can go on about the innovative prowess of a musician who is able to effortlessly switch between multiple time signatures in one song, all I can think is “Make it stop! Good God, make it stop!” Then I remembered my old band teacher in junior high and high school. I learned a lot from Mr. Case. He is the one who taught me that “the right note in the wrong place is really the wrong note.” Mr. Case was also a huge Jazz Head. So it was with him in mind that I cued up the EP by Suzanne Grzanna. Imagine my elation when I realized that the “Jazz” on this EP is more akin to Blues or old R&B than what I usually think of as Jazz. Stated very simply, this music sounds good. It isn’t a cacophony of oddly tuned instruments trying to make a statement. This, folks, is music that I like. To paraphrase Mr. Case: “This chick can groove.” So what exactly will the listener find on Daybreak? Steel Notes Magazine 97