Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 85

Steel Notes Magazine Plainfield, New Jersey seems to be on a roll. The Doughboys are having a rocking Christmas at the famous Stone Pony. Their song “Lets Have a Rockin Christmas” is rocking and fun. I hear some Ramones in these guys and a lot of Doors. These are two bands I really like so I want to hear more from this band. Music Video: Lets Have a Rockin Christmas | Record Label” Bongo Boy Records Album Lets Have a Rockin Christmas | Music Video Director: Monique Grimme Colorado, guitar wizard Les Fradkin, who has recording top notch instrumentals, also sings “Say You Love Me For Christmas”. One thing I have enjoyed about watching these videos is these Christmas songs are written by these artists and are on their way to becoming new classics. Yes, carolers will still sing “Deck The Halls” but they may be singing this one some day in the future. This is a well written song, upbeat and positive. Who would not want to hear “ I love You” on Christmas Day? Very cool guitar too, Les. Music Video: ”Say you Love Me For Christmas” | Record Label: Bongo Boy Records Album: Lets Have a Rockin Christmas | Music Video Director: Loretta Pieper Steel Notes Magazine 85