Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 8

Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 At one point in the show with Tony on his knees in front of the Nativity Manger, a chorus of girls is dressed in white to represent angels singing, and out of the fog with a light shining down appears a man in white long robe that appears to be a vision of Jesus Christ. The man belts out an awesome version of the Christmas carol- “O Holy Night”, with vocals so great it sends chills down your spine. It was a very emotional moment for Tony as well as the crowd. At the end of the evening Tony brought out the whole cast to introduce them to the audience. We found out that in one way or another it is a family affair. The “Santa Claus” in the show has worked with Tony and his Christmas shows for 24 years. In the show is his beautiful daughter Jenny Rose, his sister-in-law, Cee Cee,his daughter’s close friend- Brandy who was the lady in the tree, Stephanie, who played Gangnam style & Little Richard. The little drummer boy Michael, is the son of local Allentown & Bethlehem eatery’s Billy’s Downtown diner, and also Michael’s sister Georgia, who was in the angelic Choral group. Georgia introduced her friends, Olivia, Emily, Cassidy & Tori, who are from the Bethlehem Lesson Center. Broadway actor Randy Brooks played Jesus Christ and Santa Claus was played by actor Dave Thompson. Tony put on a delightful Christmas show that is something that your whole family would love to see and rejoice in the holiday spirit... I look forward to seeing Tony and the show again next year! 8 Steel Notes Magazine