Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 77 Steel Notes Magazine Swiss Crooner Michael Resin is back with his song “Praying For a Miracle” The video details the effects of terrorism which is in the forefront of world issues. Resin, a successful director and songwriter, has already found a niche on his home continent. With “Praying For a Miracle” he can reach farther shores. Music Video Director: Jerome Resin Hailing from Turkey, a country that loves its rock music, Kivanc Kilicer offers a video for “Devil’s Thoughts.” This rocker would be perfect in a 1980s video before MTV’s demise. Complete with crafty guitar playing a lot of pyromania, this is a well made and interesting video. Music Video Director: Kivanc Kilicer and Seda Diren LOS ANGELES | NASHVILE MUSIC CITY | NEW YORK CITY Steel Notes Magazine 77