Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 73

Steel Notes Magazine Ireland is the background for Colette Kavanagh’s “Last Kiss” video. Wandering the Irish countryside, Kavenagh, who is a stunner, also has one hell of a voice. Her lyric “You will Always Be the One” takes on a different meaning while she leaves a rose on Celtic headstone; possibly indicating the true meaning of her song may be a deeper loss. I would be interested in hearing more from this gal. Music Video Director: Shane Serrano From Dorset in Great Britain, Ysanne ft. ZanZclan with “The Golfer’s Rap”- A rap song and video about golf- now I have seen everything. These guys have a great sense of humor and their video is a blast. Dare I ask if “Hole in One” is a play on words? Music Video Director: Ysanne Twitter: @ysanne10 Steel Notes Magazine 73