Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 70

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine BONGO BOY TV – FALL ALL OVER IT Review by Dawn Belotti Season 5 Episode 1095 The Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show is proud to present their Television Broadcast episode 1095 "Fall All Over It” featuring 6 Music Video productions by talented independent international recording artists in 1 special ½ hour TV show. Also this episode is featuring Grammy® members Indus Raag-2, Suzanne Grzanna. . Matthew Mayer, Lynn Yew Evers and Don Grzanna. This Bongo Boy TV produced episode aired on all 60+ channels in the Bongo Boy TV Network of broadcast from Los Angeles – Nashville - New York – and many other cities Nationwide. FEATURE TV VIDEO CLIP HERE - North Carolina’s Valient Thorr rock with their video “Looking Glass.” With the hard rock sound and traditional rock and roll appearance; this band would fit perfectly in the 1970s era when rock music was serious rock music. Director Jethro Waters does a great job creating an interesting and well made piece of art. Music Video Director: Jethro Waters 70 Steel Notes Magazine