Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 66

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine 12. The Golfers Rap – YSANNE Feat. ZanZclan 3:31 (RAP) HAAAAAA, yes. The opening beat is sick and directly from a casio keyboard. I love it. I'm not a golfer or anything but dang this is a fun song. "Give it a tap." Ok, if you insist. The girl voice that comes in is a little weird and warbly sounding but it works! Spoiler alert: My favorite part is the angry wife at the end. Overall summary: Bongo Boy Records does it again by providing a sampler of true variety with examples from all music genres. Seriously, a fun album filled with quality music and some quirky tunes to keep you guessing. This is a must own album for any collection. – Jenny Cat ASIA |WORLDWIDE WWW.BONGOBOYRECORDS 66 Steel Notes Magazine