Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 65 Steel Notes Magazine 10. You Showed Me What Love Can Do – Pamela Davis 3:03 (POP) A fun beat, cool piano riff, excellent melody that takes me back to early rock like those big girl groups back in the 1960's when things were much more simple. Pamela not only sings but plays all of her own instruments when putting together her tracks and that's just too cool. Great work, Pamela! 11. Hi Beams – Waheed Ahmad 3:06 (HIP HOP) Sick song. I mean that as a compliment. Any song that tells me to "raise my vibe" is a'ight with me. For real. Think for yourself. "Butt naked in the Everglades." I love this song. It's like verbal ear candy for the mind and soul. GO GET A COPY NOW. Steel Notes Magazine 65