Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 64

Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 8. Good Vibes – STEEL Feat. Nina Sol 3:34 (DANCE) I'm not going to lie, I put my arms up in the air as soon as this song started playing in my car. That was dangerous, so I put my hands back on the wheel. I could feel my leather jacket slowly transforming into a sexy cocktail dress and my booty began to mysteriously shake in my car seat. This song is a good time waiting to happen. Get it on at your next party with this one. 9. Like Destiny – Barley Station 3:15 (ROCK) This track is reminiscent of a mix of 90's alternative rock and a little bit of the 1960's. Instantly, I'm a fan. The guitar riff takes me back to a taste of the Grateful Dead. I can hear every lyric clearly and the harmonies are sweet. This song is a free thinkers delight and the chorus is just sweet and highly memorable. The bridge is perfect and the song is a must have for your collection. 64 Steel Notes Magazine