Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 63

Steel Notes Magazine 6. Leave The Light On – Johnny Douglas 3:01 (POP) Another beautiful ballad with a soft, endearing quality of sound that haunts me with distant pangs of groups like The Backstreet Boys or Seal. Strong chorus, great vocals, an excellent song of romantic hope. I'm a huge fan of the vocal harmony solo just after the second chorus. What a great way to build the tenderness of the tune and lead up to the final chorus. Great tune! 7. Come Back, Come Back – Inches From Sin 3:25 (POP) The song opens with a great melody. The production highlights the track well and it's a great example of a female/male vocal duo. Reminds me of the band, Dr. Hook of "Sylvia's Mother" fame. I would have boosted the bass a little more (but that's just me) in the mix but other than that, the track is solid and the vocals are ever present which helps to sell the song. Great work! Go get a copy already... ASIA |WORLDWIDE Steel Notes Magazine 63