Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 62

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine 3. Shine On – Dennis Sy Feat. Natalie Jean and Darick DDS Spears 3:50 (POP) Complete with a groovy chord progression, this song delivers a powerful positive vibe. It takes a little time to get to the chorus, but when it drops, you feel at home with this positively intentioned song. The bridge stands out really well within the tune and feeds nicely into the chorus (which is intoxicatingly catchy). A great tune with a great message. Go get it. 4. Shining Through – ReLoVe 3:39 (POP) Yes, some nicely timed reggae vibes direct to you. "Shining Through" is a welcome addition to this album as it harkens us back to a time of summer heat and sand and those endless nights of good times. This is another track with a catchy chorus that will stick to the roof of your mind. I feel relaxed and recharged thanks to ReLoVe. 5. Santa Maria – Yona Pax 4:04 (POP) What a spicy, sexy song with an exotic flare. Seriously, makes you think of wearing dark eyeliner and leading off on a mysteriously sensual adventure. Even if you're just listening to this juicy track to go to the grocery store, it's a keeper and a winner. Beautiful chord changes, smart and silky vocals. Yes. Yes. Yes. 62 Steel Notes Magazine