Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 61

Steel Notes Magazine MUSIC REVIEW by JENNY CAT VOLUME X by various artists, Bongo Boy Records Where Does Bongo Boy Records Find Such Unique and Crazy Talent? I'm a Huge Fan of This One and Think It Caps This Album Well. 1. Sweet Harmony - EsQuille Feat. Keisha Renee 3:12 (DANCE) As a long time listener of dance music when I go to the gym (that's usually what they're playing when I'm trying to smash the boxing bag), this song hits the mark. It's a prime example of a finely-tuned dance song that will make you get up and move. There's no shortage of "drops" and the build up creates envy worthy anticipation. Excellent groove and pumping vibe. A must listen! Get it now for your next party. 2. Last Kiss – Colette Kavanagh 3:52 (POP) Hey now! This song is great. Perfect vocals, perfect mix. Wow. I can easily imagine this epic ballad as part of a chick flick soundtrack. Catchy, too. Colette delivers a convincing pop vocal that can be compared to the likes of the great Karen Carpenter and it really drives this song home. If you're secretly looking for a new song to cry to alone in the car or the shower, then get it. Now. I really enjoy this one. Steel Notes Magazine 61