Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 6

Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 the edge of the stage. The man spoke to Tony about things of his past that no one else would know, and then said he would be coming back. Tony went on to play another song, and his band kept performing without stopping, even upon his command. Then in a surprising twist “Santa Claus” was on stage, followed by his helpers. The story became one of Tony believing who that man dressed in red really was. Tony begged the man for a sign that he was indeed who he claimed to be, and in that instant the Christmas tree came alive with a beautiful young woman with an angelic voice who was part of the tree singing “Have you a Merry Little Christmas.” Tony was scolded for not having a Nativity scene, and was given one by “Santa” as a gift. Some of the show focused on having that Nativity, and the meaning of it. Tony was told that he needed to bring his music up to today’s standards to still be viable, and was seen doing an amped up version of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, with Santa rapping parts of it. Throughout the course of the night the show had comedic elements to it as well. Large costumed “Bobble headed characters came out to sing and dance, such as Gangnam Style, Elvis & Little Richard. Also were Doo Wop artists like The Everly Brothers, Bill Haley & The Comets, and Buddy Holly. 6 Steel Notes Magazine