Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 59 Steel Notes Magazine rendition of this song by an up and coming artist, it would be this version sung by Tom Vicario. Track five, “Looking To The Future” is a great old tune with a honkey-tonk feel that will make you want to dance. Do people even dance anymore? Well they should when this song is playing. The guitar work on this song is inspiring and will make you want more. Tom makes his hilarious plight for an old-fashioned girl highly palpable with this one. A fun song for all of your honkeytonking activities. Track six, “Mystery Train” – yes yes yes yes. I’m glad Tom added this tune to his release because it is a must have for any selfrespecting singer. Once again, the arrangement is true to the original style and that’s important. Tom’s earthy voice, complete with slap-back echo make one long for fast hot-rods and rolled up jeans, for sure. Maybe some more guitar licks in this one? Everyone loves hot guitar licks (especially me). Track seven, “All The Good Things” reminds me of a good old country ballad song. The acoustic guitars really set the tone and I can already picture the sea of lonesome souls drinking at the bar as they remember their happier days. This is another Gar Francis tune that competes well with these better known hits. Francis is no slouch as a songwriter and is a mastermind of the guitar. Tom Vicario’s voice does this song the most justice as he encompasses that honest and warm tone associated with the big country and western classics. This is a song to sit back with on the porch while you’re sipping beer. Track eight, “That’s Alright” is an ode to Elvis once more. Tom delivers a strong vocal performance. The guitar solo is effortless and when combined, all of these elements bring the listener back to a simpler time when cars were fast, boys could be bad and no one played on their cell phones all day. Awesome work on this one, fellas. Keep it up. Track nine, “Folsom Prison,” Tom nails this one. He’s got that iconic warble to his voice and Johnny Cash tone. The arrangement is spot-on and it’s most certainly the best rendition of Folsom that I’ve heard, and I get out a lot. Really. Great guitar work, too. I love how this release has true to the original arrangements and that’s a big reason why this version of the classic Johnny Cash hit is such a smash. Steel Notes Magazine 59