Steel Notes Magazine December 2016 - Page 58

December 2016 Steel Notes Magazine (Gar Francis and Tom Vicario at SHOWTIME STUDIOS) Track one, “Baby Let’s Go” is an original penned by Bongo Boy Record great, Gar Francis. The song has that good old Memphis tone and it is a composition that would have been most certainly recorded by Carl Perkins for Sam Phillp’s on Sun Records. It’s just that good of a song with a simple message of marrying the one you love. Tom’s warm vocal tone really sends the meaning home with the listener and you’ll find yourself tapping your toes as this song will get stuck in your head. Track two, “Heartbreak Hotel,” the classic Elvis Presley song is expertly interpreted and sung by Tom. The arrangement here is true to the roots of the original and does not fail to please even the most discerning critic. It’s a really enjoyable rendition of this classic Elvis favorite. Track three, “Take A Rose” is another Gar Francis original expressively sung by Tom in a very beautiful way that truly portrays the sentimental feelings of the song. What’s great about Gar’s music and Tom’s voice is that these original compositions fit so perfectly with the more widely known early rock/country standards that one could assume these tunes were also huge hits from way back when. That high caliber songwriting is clearly seen with “Take A Rose.” Track four, “Ring of Fire” starts with those iconic trumpets as Tom takes us through his own interpretation of this famous Johnny Cash tune. Tom never strays from the original form and his voice is hauntingly similar to Mr. Cash’s. If I had to vote for my favorite 58 Steel Notes Magazine